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AdBlue®, available in a range of quantities to suit your needs

Liquidia can supply packaged AdBlue® in all sizes from 5-20 Litre Drums, 210 Litre Drums and 1000L IBCs. Liquidia can also offer its clients AdBlue® in Bulk, using its Bulk Tankers to deliver up to 20,000 litres to consumers along the east coast of Australia.



We stock all the pumping gear, flow meters, nozzles and filters for any sized AdBlue® consumer.

Liquidia supply the best range of Puisi AdBlue® accessories. From Digital flow meters, manual and electric pump kits and filters. Bulk storage tanks are made in our warehouse facilities locally which are customised with data fuel systems, automatic nozzles and lockable cabinets. All spare parts and accessories and kept in stock locally for prompt delivery to our clientele.



Australian made. Quality Oils at affordable prices. Available in all sizes including Bulk. 

Liquidia supply a vast array of Oils and Lubricants, including Diesel and Petrol Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils, Diff Oils, Chain Lubes, Grease and much more. Sizes range from 1 Litre bottles all the way to 1000L IBC's. 


Keep your Diesel Fuel clean and free from bacteria and Algae growth.

Liquidia supply Diesel Fuel Treatment LD4000 which is a diesel fuel additive that contains a biocide to kill and stop the growth of bacteria (insects, algae, mold, yeast and fungi) in diesel fuel and prevent their growth. It also contains a combination of ingredients to clean, lubricate and protect fuel system components and improve fuel efficiency, provide effective anti-corrosion properties and contain a demulsifier to separate water.

Package sizes are as follows 1L, 5L, 10L 20L, 200L and 1000L.


Do you need a broad range of consistent, high quality, cost-effective chemicals?

Liquidia are your Australian manufacturer/supplier of a broad portfolio of made-to-order chemicals. We supply directly to companies, wholesalers and distributors in the Automotive, Sanitation, Hospitality, Civil, Mining, Construction, Aged Care, Hospitality, Government and Education industries.

Buying direct from Liquidia ensures your supply logistics and gives you access to and the support of our technical team. We encourage sample testing, as well as offer custom chemical manufacturing, white labelling and toll blending to expand your product line.


Specific Release Agents, Organic Acid Cleaners, and more, we have robust concentrated chemical formulas.

Liquidia manufacture and supply a vast array of chemical products suited to the industrial sectors. Solvents for cleaning specialised surfaces, release agents for concrete tilt panel construction and heavy duty degreasers are just some of the products that we custom manufacture for our clients.





Looking for sanitisation products specific to your industry to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses?

We have developed a new comprehensive product range with specially formulated Sanitation products in a range of applications. Choose from Alcohol Sanitiser Gels and Sprays, Non Alcoholic Sprays, Water based Surface Sanitisers, Food Grade Sanitisers, Disinfectants and Alcohol Wipes.

Ask about our specialised chemical services, we can add colours and fragrances to customise some of your sanitisation products.


From Brooms, Mops, Buckets, Rags and Sponges we have alll accessories in stock.

Liquidia supply durable and robust accessories for all product categories. From Micro fibre cloths, rags, spray bottles, brushes and brooms. We have all the required accessories for dispensing and pumping our product range and all the protective equipment to protect the user.



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